Smart control made simple

There isn’t much point in having smart systems which you either can’t use, or confuse you.
Control your building from smart phones and tablets
Control your building with simple remote controls

Buttons which say what they do. Not symbols you can’t understand
Buttons on the wall to press as you walk by

Sensors to automatically make changes, so you don’t have to

Lighting Design & Control

Part of our business (Lighting Projects) work full-time providing professional lighting designs and control systems for a wide range of projects. You can utilise their experience and expertise to give your project that bit extra.
Stunning lighting designs to enhance your project
Lighting controls for both new builds and retro-fit

Both internal and external lighting solutions
Illuminance calculations in key areas for commercial projects

CAD lighting simulations to help you select the right luminaires

Audio & Video Media

Everything you need to watch, listen and interact with your media throughout your building
Select high quality music at the touch of button, and listen from invisible speakers
Make your SKY, Movies, etc available to watch and control in any room

Board rooms and commercial systems
Dedicated cinema rooms and multi-use rooms

Commercial grade networking and wifi


Control who can access your building and where and when they can go
Covert and overt CCTV cameras
Allow access to your building when you are not there.

Monitor what is happening from your mobile phone


Wired and wireless alarm systems


Keep months of CCTV images

From £ 75

HiDef CCTV cameras
with infra-red lighting

From £ 330


From £ 135

Wireless pet immune
motion detectors