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Project Management

Effective project management is the key to successful project delivery. Project Management is all about communication, planning, monitoring and controlling the project.

This extends beyond controlling our own internal works. We are quite experienced at that. We believe that it is imperative to help our clients be aware of how our works and that of other contractors are intertwined.

We liaise directly with other trades so that there are no surprises as the project progresses.

Only by listening and then asking questions can we ensure that our customers’ requirements are understood and fully identified. All of this needs to take place before we can even begin to think about which solutions and products could be appropriate.

Then we all need to know what resources are required to meet the customer’s brief and objectives.

Detailed drawings and documentation ensure that everyone knows what is being done, how and when. Schematics and pictures help give an overview.

Face to face communication and allowing time to ensure that details are understood make, what can appear to be, complex systems, simple.

Everyone knows what works need to be done for installation to begin, and we monitor these so it will be ready in time. As much work as possible is done in advance of delivery and off-site, so we can be sure that everything being delivered is ready to work. This also keeps installation costs to a minimum.

Our installers are polite and courteous to both clients and other trades.

During a project, and while you are getting used to it, we offer unlimited support – obviously within reason. The better the job we do in running the project and looking after you, the less visits we need to make. So it is both yours’ and our interests that we do a good job and look after you.

You don’t have to have a maintenance contract with us once the project is complete. We are pretty confident on the systems we provide. Although we can offer you one if you wish.