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Ending 2020 With Customer Visits In Connacht & Munster

The last days of 2020 were spent visiting a number of new clients get their systems up and running again, and some plans to bring them up to date with smart TVs and music streaming to some older ‘classic’ speakers.

The weather was tricky and on one visit we travelled on snowy roads for almost two hours before we saw any tarmac.

All that remains is for us to wish everyone a wonderful 2021 and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

LG Launches New ‘Gallery Art’ OLED TVs

LG has announced it’s new ‘art-inspired’ GX Gallery series TVs.

LG’s OLED TVs already give an outstanding picture, but this range also includes a gallery art feature, turning the TV into a work of art when not in use. It is just 2cm deep and available in 55″, 65″ and 77″ sizes. There is no need for a separate unit to be hidden (containing the electronics). Don’t forget to make sure the sockets and connections are recessed in to the wall. If you are unsure how, please ask us.

There is also a ‘Filmmaker Mode’ for even better cinema playback of movies.

A Quick Install (& Removal) Home Cinema

Here’s a great solution for a quick install home cinema system – a short throw projector and screen. The projector is the black box, and it projects a 1.75m wide image if it is next to the wall, and an impressive 2.67m wide image if placed 21cm away from the wall. The laser projector uses a special projector screen to reflect the light back at the viewer, rather than up towards the ceiling. The special wall mounted projection screen is visible from most of almost all of the room, with a 170 degree viewing angle.

We have suggested this to a client who wants to enjoy a cinema room, but it also planning to move house in the next 12 months. They can start enjoying high definition , big screen movies right away and easily take the system with them to their new home.



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