Lightning Audio Video

Music TV Cinema

High Quality Multi-Room Music
Stunning Ultra High Definition TV
Easily Controlled Multi-Room TV
Wide Range Of Home Cinema Systems


Enchanting Lighting Design
Super Simple Lighting Controls
Ambient, Task & Feature Lighting
Fixture & Fittings Specification & Supply

Smart Made Simple

Super Simple Home Control
Individual Room & Whole House Control For Heating, Lights, Blinds, Music & TV, CCTV, Door & Gate Entry

Network & WiFi

Enterprise Grade Hardware
Strongest & Fastest WiFi
Excellent Cyber Security
4G Broadband Back Up

About Us

Lighting Audio Video Projects is now in it’s 9th year, but it’s founder has been working in this sector for over 15 years. It is based in both Dublin, and Birmingham.
Typical projects are not just residential. We are also active with hospitals, bars, restaurants, hotels, retail and public art projects.

Smart Made Simple

We talk in simple, plain English. Our proposals are both summarised, and supported with itemised detail.
There is much more to a smart home than having the hardware. The true beauty is making it intuitive.


Only use well-proven mainstream brands are used to get technology working seamlessly in your home. You get piece of mind that your system can be supported for many years to come.
Our excellent client documentation packages give you the comfort of having all the detail of your system, passwords and configurations.



We heavily invest in training, by both manufacturers, and independent industry accreditors. This keeps our knowledge up to date, and helps us give you the latest features.
Lighting is our specialty. The media and home control can be engineered. When the lighting design is engineered, you get a grid of downlights. Our clients don’t want that. They want the lighting to enhance the property and it’s features.


You can have as much help, or as little help as you need. If you have trusted trades already on your project, we are happy for them to undertake some of the works. An itemised ‘scope of works’ ensures everything is clear before we start.

Rack builds

Knowledge & Skills

We also contribute to the ‘body of knowledge’ and our staff deliver training for fellow CEDIA members, architects, interior designers, and sit on both CEDIA’s Global Technical Working Group and Global Lighting Task Force.
CEDIA is the international industry association and central touch point for over 3,900 member companies globally who design, manufacture, and install technology for the home.


A smart home is a luxury. Very few people have a bottomless pit of money to throw at it. Our clients need to get value for what they spend – the biggest bang for their buck. We help scale your system to meet your needs appropriately, and we are as tight with your money as we are with our own.


Our Recent Projects

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