Multiroom music


You want the simplest and easiest way to enjoy quality listening throughout your home. Our systems give you exactly that.
You can wake up to a favorite inspiring track, in the morning and enjoy an uplifting soundtrack whilst you work out in the gym. Then go for a shower and continue to feel motivated as your music follows you through the house before you leave for the day.
You can control music from your phone wherever you in the home. , But if you’ve misplaced your phone or left it in another room there’s always a convenient way to quickly reduce or increase volume, change tracks/stations or turn devices off/on.
Different playlists or radio stations can be played simultaneously in a variety of rooms. Ideal for entertaining when different groups congregate in different rooms with varying taste in music, or everyone self-isolating to their own tunes.
There are several different solutions available. Knowing what you list to and what you listen from will help us select one which works well for you.


We can ensure that your carefully selected décor isn’t ruined by unsightly black boxes or speakers. We can integrate your home technology with the aesthetics of your interior design.
We provide a range of speaker options to suit you. They include, in-wall, in-ceiling, completely invisible speakers, cabinet and book-shelf speakers, funky speakers, external speakers- all of which can be colour matched to suit you.
Within each range, there is a choice of performance, allowing you to get high end audio reproduction in the rooms where you will be able to appreciate it.


For listeners and audiophiles who require high-quality reproduction of sound with inaudible noise and distortion, and a flat (neutral, uncolored) frequency response we can design and provide a ‘next level’ listening experience. This could be in just one area of your home, or throughout – the choice is yours.
We work with a number of high fidelity brands to get the sound just right for you.


We undertake numerous TV and speaker installations. We don’t just do whole house systems. We have tremendous experience and knowledge in how to make your installation look clean, and work well for your space.
Going to the next level, we can get exact colour matching , unique custom art or furniture and make equipment appear or disappear at the touch of a button.
Neat installations take a bit of planning and consideration. Getting power sockets and cables in the right place, will they need to be recessed?, and exactly where the bracket going to be positioned so it doesn’t clash with the cables, are some of the things to consider. A little extra effort goes a long way in getting a much better finish.