It can be confusing enough having more than one remote control for watching TV, Sky, DVD, etc. When you add to that the control of music, heating, blinds, lighting, and CCTV/Security it can become overwhelming – especially when there is more than one room to control.
Whole house control systems are simple and easy to use. They take care of all the different controls for you.
Smart Made Simple – Our aim is that you, and your guests/colleagues will not need training on how to use your system – it should be that intuitive.
Ask us for a demonstration on one of our installed systems, and we will let you use a system without any instructions. We will be there to assist you, should you need it. It really can be that simple, if set up right.
This comes for our experience in hospitals, where the staff are so busy, and change so frequently, that training people all the time isn’t an option – anybody has to know what to do, and everything just needs to work.
The truth is, out of everything you design for your ultimate home, the technology is the aspect you will use every hour, every time you’re at home, every day.
We use openly available, mainstream control systems, and give you full access, passwords and programming information. That way, you never have to feel ‘locked in’ to us – although we would love to continue to look after you and your system for years to come.