Video & Cinema


Many families now enjoy watching a film together. It has become a favorite family activity.
The idea of a Cinema Room or Media Room is to get as close as possible to the vison of the film director, and the sound the audio engineer defined. This is not like watching a movie at home – it is like watching a movie in the cinema.
Sound can be designed specifically for a room – as can the visual experience. This gives you fully immersive viewing when you want the distraction, or to escape from the outside world. More ‘life-like’ images captivate and hold your attention so that you can get lost in your chosen program or film.
The design is easier when we have a dedicated room to work with (Cinema Room) but we can also work to get the best out of a multi-use space (Media Room), which can be converted to your home theatre at the touch of just one button.
Screens can be as big as you want, and you don’t even have to have projectors. But there are guidelines on screen sizes and viewing angles, which we will calculate for you. We can also help with black out blinds, lighting control and, of course, cinema seating.
We would be happy to help you find the best balance between your space, performance and budget. Give yourself the ‘best seat in the house’.


For a small number of rooms it is fine to have a SkyQ or Set Top Box per room, and maybe Apple TVs, and BluRay players. But it isn’t very convenient as you move from room to room.
Sharing a central ‘pool’ of Sky boxes, Apple TVs, a BluRay player and CCTV (amongst many other devices) is so much simpler, and reduces clutter in each room. You can also benefit from getting the highest quality life-like picture on every TV, not just the one connected to the ‘master box’.
Understanding who watches what, and when, and maybe even where helps us select the right way of doing this for your family.


TV advertising can be misleading, unless you know the terms. We are happy for you to provide your own TVs, but we do supply the premium models of Sony and LG TVs with the highest resolutions and deepest colors. Having the best display isn’t much use if you can’t get high quality footage and streaming to it, so please avail of our expertise in everything required in the background to make your picture as lifelike as possible.


We undertake numerous TV and speaker installations. We don’t just do whole house systems. We have tremendous experience and knowledge in how to make your installation look clean, and work well for your space.
Going to the next level, we can get exact colour matching , unique custom art or furniture and make equipment appear or disappear at the touch of a button.
Neat installations take a bit of planning and consideration. Getting power sockets and cables in the right place, will they need to be recessed?, and exactly where the bracket going to be positioned so it doesn’t clash with the cables, are some of the things to consider. A little extra effort goes a long way in getting a much better finish.