Smart Homes


The next step up from a home which you can easily control is a home which is smart – it does things for you. This is automating common activities and adding some if/and/or/then logic before activating activities.
Such as:
Lighting coming on and off automatically, depending on the time of day, dawn/dusk, and whether you are home or away.
One button, or voice command, to ‘start a film’ which drops the projection screen and projector (which have been discretely hidden) out of the ceiling. The surround sound system turns on, and switches to the film audio settings. The projector turns on, and after a couple of minutes, allowing you to get comfy in your seats, the lights dim down. All this simply allows you to just relax and enjoy the film.
If your alarm is activated, strategic lights can come on and CCTV cameras can increase the speed of recording.
If a window is open in a room, then the system can be clever enough to not turn the heating on in that room.
There are so many variables in a whole house control system. Having a chat with us is the best way to start getting your head around them.
We recommend that you only automate the activities which happen regularly, and try to not to over complicate things.


One of the easiest ways to control your home is by simply talking to it.
Turn your lights down, on or off. Turn the TV on. Open the blinds. Change your TV from Sky to Apple TV. Turn the heating up. Turn the volume up. Select a radio station. Skip to the next song.
There are hundreds of ways you can simplify control of your home.
But beware – getting voice control right isn’t quite as simple as it is to use it. Some of the voice control features need you to go in to them with your eyes (or ears) open. We will help you avoid the pitfalls.