How We Work

No obligation conversations

We only use simple, plain, English and avoid technical babble (we have geeks that deal with all that for us).
You don’t need to know what you want, we can give you a few suggestions and see how things unravel from there.
If you do know what you want, then that’s great.
If you are able to give us any additional information, such as floor plans, sketches and photographs, then that is helpful.
We’ll quickly be able to give you a rough idea of budget, based on our experience.

No obligation quotations

If it’s all sounding good, then we’ll put some more detail around the idea and get you a quotation done. This might take a few revisions to get it to where you want it, in terms of scope and budget. But we are happy to work with you on this.
The quotation is both detailed, and summarised. The summary sheets are in simple plain English, and they are supported by more pages itemized items. You are able to see what each feature, and each room costs, as well as what the difference is for any options we have listed. Our ‘single simple page’ summary is easy to understand.
At this stage we can also define what works are and are not included. We are very flexible and many clients want to use their builder or electrical contractor to undertake any work that they can. We are happy to work like this.

Compare apples with apples

Even with proposals and quotations as detailed as ours it can be very difficult for clients to really understand what the differences are between quotes, which can sound very similar on the surface, but in reality will provide very different quality solutions, or include very different levels of service.
We provide a free of charge comparison service highlighting the real world differences in quality and functionality of systems. We also highlight what works are and are not included in different quotes.
Have a professional comparison and you will have the peace of mind knowing that the quote you do go for will deliver the best overall value for money solution for your home.

Fine tuning and demonstrations

This sometimes happens before the kick-off, and sometimes after, but we can show you our, and other demonstration facilities to help you select exactly which equipment to have.
Speaker, TV/projector and cinema room performance are the most common reasons for visits. Most of the control systems we can demonstrate online, as well as in person.
Site visits might also be helpful to get the detail right.

Detailed design

Once your happy with the specification, we can get started. We’ll agree who is doing what, and what the system will do for you. We’ll then produce:
• System diagrams – useful for planning and essential for maintenance.
• Cable drawings and schedules.
• Specific notes for other trades, such as electrical contractors, builders, carpenters, etc.

Rack builds

Build & Installation

If any other trades are undertaking any related works, then we work with them to achieve the project objectives.
We build and program as much as we can ‘off site’. This improves quality and allows us to deliver working systems which just need fitting in to the fabric of your building. This isn’t always possible, but we do try to whenever we can.

Handover and use

We strive to make the systems as intuitive as possible, and therefore minimal training is required.
There may be some client specific features which need explaining – and documenting so you can figure out how to do it after we have gone. For example, the ‘Lights Off’ button in the Master Bedroom can turn the room lights off – but if you press and hold it, it can turn the down stairs lights off.
Once the system is up and running, we can – with your permission, access the system remotely and make changes without even having to attend site.
There is a period of time during which you will become more accustomed to using the home, and request a few changes to suit you, which we will be happy to accommodate.

001-02 West Midlands

Service and support

We have experienced very few hardware failures. We only use established and well proven mainstream brands, which contributes to this. The care taken on, and the neatness of our installations also prevent problems. Prevention is much better than cure.
If you do have issues, we can investigate quite a lot of things remotely, and make changes without coming to you.
We can build systems that we can monitor proactively and identify any issues probably before you do.
Should you need a visit, rest assured, we will come to you. Most of the time, the remote access options get you up and running fastest.