CCTV & Door/Gate Entry


High resolution digital CCTV cameras have dramatically improved surveillance images. Much improved ‘night vision’ cameras are also available.
Various camera styles can be selected, form overt to covert, to give you the coverage and protection you need.
One issue we hear from clients with their previous systems is how difficult it is to get footage from the CCTV recorder. We are conscious of this, and ensure that your system is simple to use, for anyone in the home.
Number plate recognition and recording cameras are proving more popular.
The company says the lineup delivers advanced analytics, auto-configuration capabilities and multiple form factors to suit every project.
Some CCTV systems can tell you whether a vehicle, or person was detected, and exactly when.


You can have total control on who and how people access your home, and a record of what time.
Access can be by, fob, PIN code, Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone. If you are in the home you can have a handset, a handset with video, or simply use your smart phone to see who is there, talk to them, and open the gates. Even if you are away, you can let people in using your smart phone.
You (or we) can create unique PIN codes for delivery drivers, and other trades, and have a record of each time they are used.
With gate entry and video doorbells which link directly in to the CCTV system, you’ll have the peace of mind you need.