Power Management & Conditioning


Power management solution portfolio, including protection, filtering, voltage regulation, isolation, and battery back-up , as well as IP managed control solutions.
We all expect top performance from the audio and video systems installed. Today’s audio, video and networking technologies are more sophisticated than ever, but the AC grid that powers our equipment is increasingly overtaxed and often antiquated. AC power problems can cause performance issues, reduced reliability, and damage to sensitive components.
We can advise on, and install clean, ultra-low noise AC power cleaners to assure maximum audio and video equipment performance.
We can also supply voltage regulation and surge protection equipment, which also protects itself, rather than sacrificing itself. This keep you up and running, and still with protection.
Battery back-up is also a consideration if you have regular ‘brown outs’ to keep essential hardware up and running. We can’t power you whole house for the duration of a major power cut, but we can keep essential and delicate items running without the need for a sudden reboot.
Finally, being able to monitor and remotely re-boot hardware can have clients up and running in minutes, rather than needing an engineer to call out.